Why invest in Crypto Currencies

What are Crypto Currencies

Crypto Currencies Investment are dematerialized (or digital) currencies that have become recently more and more popular as the need for more modern means of payment have arisen.

Although they as of today still not widespread in use for the every day buy and sell process, they have become an alternative investment opportunity. They are not all the same. Some have specific qualities and drawbacks.

Why are Crypto Currencies important

Cryptos are seen by many as the money of the future. People get more and more weary and anxious towards the traditional physical currencies (USD, EUR, GBP…) especially with the non-stop Quantitative Easing (endless money printing cycles) that devaluates currencies and increases the risk of inflation. Crypto Currencies Investment is one mean to an end to find alternatives to traditional investment such as Gold, Silver, Forex…

Digital currencies are seen as :

  • financial divestment means
  • payment means
  • betting or gambling means

The most famous Crypto Currency (Bitcoin) has seen high volatility but in the long term has shown an incredible financial Return On Investment (ROI).

The trending NFTs hype is also based on Crypto Currencies and seems to be booming and promising unpresented growth potential. Many projects have bloomed and many more are coming in very significant industries (gaming, art, music, sports…).

NFTs (Non Fungible Token) could allow in the near future to raise capital directly from the public without the intermediation of banks. You can today support your favorite singer and buy music of concert tickets from him/her.

The same applies for art works, as we have seen a shitload of NFT Pixel Art Collection flooding the NFT scene in the past months. Unfortunately with its lots of scams and rug pulls. But this usually comes with popular industry growth.

The rational to invest in Crypto Currencies

10 reasons to invest in Crypto Currencies

  1. Diversify your assets. Don’t leave all your money in one asset type. You have to consider the The Flag Theory Of Diversification and apply it to your assets
  2. You have a huge choice of crypto currencies to choose from depending on the projects you like. It’s like buying a car, you need to decide what brand and model is best fitted for your needs
  3. A mean to protect your savings from inflation. Crypto currencies, being issued once and for all based on the promise of a limited amount of coins, should not be hit by the dilution of resulting from issuance of never ending new coins.
  4. It’s never too late. Of course knowing today’s Bitcoin trading price, makes you regret not buying two or ten years ago, but nobody can replay the past. Decide Today for your future!
  5. Blockchain is a solid technology on which we can forecast all industries will have to converge in a near future. For various reasons such as: proof of ownership (intellectual property, physical property…) fight against piracy (music, art…), anti-laundering, anti-theft (banking, art…), etc.
  6. Ease of access. Although blockchain is a very complex technology, it has made easier by the month to access its application. You can for example try to design, mint and sell your first NFT today at no cost !
  7. Security: the Crypto Currencies Investment market has become much safer (which does not mean you cannot be hacked, as there are always more and more smart hacking techniques) with secure passwords, encrypted physical keys like Ledger and others.
  8. Lower transactions fees: just compare how much your traditional bank or financial advisor is charging you for simple transactions, and you will shed a tear or two when you’ll see crypto or NFTs fees
  9. Don’t miss (FOMO) on a growing and promising market. You have the choice to either play it with the daily trading approach (if you are an aggressive trained trader) or play it the good dad’s investment approach: buy not to keep for the long term
  10. Show-off that you are a modern guy/gal while discussing your last crypto investment during next week-end’s BBQ

The following are not good reasons to invest in Crypto Currencies, but they are actually true: money laundering and tax evasion or optimization as the case may be.

How to invest in Crypto Currencies