Crypto CBD NFT Collection Review

Discover the Best Crypto CBD NFT Collections

The NFT scene covering all aspect of the economy. Of course the CBD industry being a flourishing one, there had to be some Crypto CBD NFT collections. This article is dedicated to those who have always been passionate about the benefits of cannabis.

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What is Cryptobuds: A Crypto CBD NFT

This CBD-themed crafting game is allowing players purchase NFT element cards to design their own variant of magic flower and exchange with other players on the WAX blockchain to develop their operation. Cryptobuds bring you this fantasy to grow your own buds in your CBD farm.

You will enter your self-generated spliff Eden using cards that are 8-bit featured artwork of unique seed, soil, water, and grow your one-of-a-kind magic flower buds. starting with a Level 1 strain you are able to choose from up to 37 billion unique strain name combination.

You will become an NFT owner that will allow to be the proud holder of a crypto asset. As you may wish you will also be able to sell it and basically flip the NFT for a profit if the fluctuating trading course evolves in the right direction.

For each card you will have the features of the four elements you need to grow a unique strain, using a really fun crafting formula: Soil + seed + grow setup + water = strain

How to Make Money with Crypto CBD NFT

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What is Crypto Cannabis Club NFT, Weed Themed Collectibles

You probably know of one of the coolest NFTs in the crypto world called: The Crypto Cannabis Club NFT. If not, now is the time to follow this cool project!

What is Crypto Cannabis Club NFT

The Crypto Cannabis Club (CCC) has issued 10,000 unique NFTs and you will be able to use this tokens as your personal own avatar. These marijuana themed NFTs will cost you on average $1,525.

As usual, they have been created to achieve random characteristics in 9 different categories with sometimes some hidden attributes.

To get more info and statistics on You probably know of one of the coolest NFTs in the crypto world called: The Crypto Cannabis Club NFT Collection please follow this link:

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