How to make 1 Million in NFT

This may be obvious, but a lot of people may oversee what they have right in front of their nose. I am going to reveal to you this evident strategy in this short article to make Millions in NFTs.

How to NOT make 1 Million in NFT?

The easiest way to not achieve a million in NFT would require:

These methods are of course trendy and interesting BUT involve a high level of risk and with lower ROI.

But of course it consists in working in the NFT space, not as a buyer of already existing NFTs but rather creating your own NFT collection.

Why you can make a Million in NFT?

Make a million Creating a NFT Collection

Let’s start by doing some primary school maths:

Make Money while creating your NFT Collection

Create 5,000 NFTs


0.07 ETH a piece (~269USD)

= 1,340,000 USD

So making an NFT Collection will revolve in creating the highest profit on the market right now. You can hire an artist to make you a collection of NFT art for anything between 5 to 20k USD. Use an image generation software to create a collection. Hire a team of motivated (pay them in NFTs) task force to promote the program.

Go flood the social media (Twitter, Discord,…) to create the hype with a lot of engagement based on gorilla marketing. Focus on the already existing Artist fan based and grow beyond. Possibly offer future art piece to be bought or offered to NFT owner as giveaways…

Make a Million with a NFT Agency

Starting a NFT Agency could earn you hundred of thousands, even a million within a year. Let’s go back to simple maths:

50 customers who want to create their own NFT


20,000 USD contract

= 1,000,000 USD

Find 50 prospects (relatively famous artists) who want to jump on the NFT booming market but have zero knowledge on how to achieve the creation of a artwork collection of NFTs. Negotiate the price with them and boom your agency is on track to the moon with Twitter Discord, Twitch…

Make Money with Your NFT Agency

20k fee is actually a very conservative price for such agency services. 10% would surely sound way more realistic. If so, you only need 10 prospects at 100ks, You may object that the artist may not have 100k upfront to put on the table. Well that’s not an issue: negotiate a better cash-flow package and allow payment through NFT compensation.

In any case, it is a collaboration and a Win-Win situation for both the artist AND the agency.

Friendly advice: Don’t forget to get a rock solid contract forge in an IP specialized lawyers firm.

If you are on Twitter, you will hear stories of kids being hired by NFT collection promoters overnight. They are paid for example to do community management on Twitter or Discord to raise the level of engagement of their community.

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