How to Mine Bitcoin Without a Graphic Card or BTC Miner

Bitcoin mining is considered as one of the most lucrative business in the world, so is its trading but with much more risks involved due to its price fluctuation. A lot of people do not actually know How to Mine Bitcoin Without a Graphic Card. They have no idea it’s possible to mine Bitcoin without a miner!

How to Mine Bitcoin from home: the Traditional Method

What does Mining Bitcoin means: in the Crypto Currency Industry, Mining Bitcoin means to allocate computing resources to update the Ledger of the Bitcoin Transactions (Blockchain) by calculating randomly numbers that will correspond to real pending transactions. The more computing power your computer has, the more probability you will be finding the right numbers. In return you will collect block reward and transaction fees.

To do so, you either need to have a computer with a powerful graphic card (GPU) or a dedicated machine called a Bitcoin Miner (ASIC Miner) to do the calculations for you. There are many different new power graphic cards each year as well as different miners manufacturers.

So it is fairly easy to learn how to mine bitcoin on pc for as long as you have a powerful calculating power, but over the years bitcoin mining costs have risen due to the increased competition and the appearance of bitcoin mining software. So many individuals have learnt how to mine bitcoin at home hoping to achieve mining bitcoin free of costs. Visit the European site if you need some crypto counselling and reduce your costs on the French Market.

That’s forgetting the cost of hardware as well as the electrical power consumption, which happens to be significant and ever increasing. That’s why people are now looking for Alternative Solution to to Mine Bitcoin Without a Graphic Card.

As a home Bitcoin Miner, you probably will consider joining Mining Pools. They allow you to be part of a group that combine its efforts to try winning the competition on mining the transactions and sharing the profits (we are always stronger together than alone competing against all the other miners).

Blockchain Miners: How to Mine Bitcoin Without a Graphic Card

How to mine Bitcoin on android with hand-drawn BTC Miners in the NTF world. It is simple because if you buy these NFTs from Blockchain Miners, you will have access to a project that has 100 Bitcoin Miners without buying the BTC Miner hardware nor paying for their power consumption. These mining Bitcoin will generate about $120k in rewards per month for the holders of the hand drawn Bitcoin Miner NFTs.

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Tutorial How to Mine Bitcoin Without a Graphic Card

This NFT Project is the first NFT to use BTC mining as their utility. Holders of their nfts get to vote in their community rewards wallet funded by 100 miners. Their are the first NFT Community to mine over $120k per month or even much more if the BTC price continue to rise. NFT Pre-Sale: 22 November 2021

All the NFT Pixel Arts are inspired by the BTC Mining Machines as the founders wanted to distinguish the project from the too many times seen type of Apes NFTs alike, and make them original and unique.

Why have they chosen BTC ? Because Bitcoin is dominating the crypto currency market and continue rising. Their mining equipment is externalized are operated in Colorado to achieve a better profitability (cheaper operating costs).

This project is NFT Community oriented in the way that the decision made to allocate the profits derived from the mining operations will be decided by the community of BTC Mining Machines’ holders. There will be multiple reinvestment possibilities such as buying some Blue Chip NFTs and flip them for a profit. You can refer to our article on How to flip NFTs. The creators are also considering to create their own token, with a staking system.

This blockchain miner NFT is an interesting investment opportunity because, as explained above, the investment costs to mine Bitcoin have increased a lot due to the miner hardware prices (even more because of shortage on the microchip market due to he pandemic situation) and due to the power supply rising costs.

As a result you will be able to Mine Bitcoin Without a Graphic Card or a BTC Miner. We consider this approach to be smart and as usual if you wan to maximize your profits, you have to be an early adopter and board the train first before the masses to increase your earnings.

This NFT project has been created by Blockchain Miners and seems to be getting more popular. You nevertheless NEED to DYOR before investing in this, or any, project to avoid being rug pulled. Read more here about detecting NFT scams.

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