New Play to Earn Crypto Games

In this article I will tell you everything you need to know about the New Play to Earn Crypto Games. How to find them, how to select them and make money online while earning a living.

What is Play to Earn ?

The concept of play to earn (also know as P2E) relates to the next generation of online games where players will be able to earn money from their gaming. Play to Earn Crypto promise is to combine your hobby or passion to play games online and earn money while gaming!

Dofus and Guild Wars were the first online games that allowed you to make money while playing their games and reselling for example Kamas on Dofus or the Guild Wars currency. It is a revolution in the Gaming Industry which is shifting towards cryptoworld.

Before earning money while gaming online was restricted to only a happy few, notably the best ones in their category participating to national or international gaming competition. These gaming champions are mostly part of gaming teams joining competition and earning prices if they are reaching the top3 of the said competitions.

P2E Crypto Games

For the top teams, they also had some income streams from their sponsors who are supporting them against visibility and fame during the competitions. Today a few gamers are already making a living from playing games online, the trend will explode soon and open to other millions of gamers.

Today’s Top play to earn tokens by market capitalization represent $21 billion (versus $175 billion for the whole industry), and it is growing by the day. The first online games on this market have been pretty 2D simple interfaces. But the gaming industry majors are currently working in the background to develop their gaming platform with the following targets:

  • democratize the play to earn business model
  • reduce piracy of their gaming content thus improving their sales
  • increase their income to collect royalties on the second hand market resale of game licenses

New Play to Earn Crypto Games

We list here for you just a few New P2E Crypto Games that draw our attention. it is surely not a complete list, but they shall give you a test of what available on the Pay 2 Play crypto market.

CyberKongs P2E Crypto Game

CyberKongs is offering KingKong like NFTs which utility is consist in using the said Kongz skin in the Metaverse. Their currency model is based on owning bananas (each Genesis Kong produces 10 $BANANA every day for the next 10 years).

This project is present in the SandBox Metaverse (virtual world) platform which host the existing and future earn to play Games.

Axie Infinity P2E Crypto Game

Axie Infinity is an online Play2Earn game with world renown partners (Ubisoft, AAVE, Binance, Samsung…) which offers you to become a land baron and start your own Kingdom! You can use your land to farm rare resources, tokens, and make strategies to plan attacks on dungeons!

The game is based on:

  • Adventure: Battle Chimera and earn rare treasures useful for upgrading your Axie army!
  • Arena Battle: Become a legend through intense PvP arena battles! Join open tournaments for real money prizes!
  • Breeding: Mix and match parents to create the ultimate offspring. Expand your collection or start your own breeding business and sell your babies on the market!

The game went viral and the transactions started to skyrocket. People are enthusiast to play and earn with this cute world especially in the Philippines where people have converted it into a full time job.

View here the chart of Play to Earn Tokens by market capitalization:

Revomon P2E Crypto Game

Revolution Monster is an interesting newly launched Metaverse that has immersive virtual-reality experience as you can play it while using VR goggles (like Occulus Quest). It also uses NFTs’ ground-breaking technology. Using both of these aspects will allow to play in a virtual world by leveraging blockchain technology.

The game has been in development since early 2020 and the official launch was in March 2021. The game is available on SideQuest

In this game you will collect monsters (in a similar idea as in Pokemon) in a virtual world. You will collect rewards as you finalize quests and capture the monsters that you will be able to convert into NFTs.

The community of players will be included in the decision making of Revomon. So the Token will also have a voting utility on top of a real ownership of rare items that can be sold on market places. For example a rare (1/8,000) Shiny Revomon price could range between $300 to $500).

How to find early Play to Earn (P2E projects) with launchpad platforms

In order to increase to chances to earn on P2E projects, it is recommended to identify as early as possible the projects with high growth potential and join them as early adopters.

We advise you to use some kind of kickstarter for crypto projects, which list projects at their launch time to help spread the word. These launch platforms of course get a cut of for their marketing promotion.

You can for example use Seedify, which has shown a very good track record of successful crypto project launches. They are focused on P2E projects. Seedify has a very good Return on Investment on their initial DEX offering (IDO refers to the launching of a cryptocurrency on a decentralized exchange: DEX). Since you are part of the early joiners, you will benefit of cheaper prices against the promise of farming & staking the assets (promise to hold the tokens for a specific time to allow price to rise and avoid immediate token resell)

Requirements to join Seedify:

  • KYC know your customer to avoid anonymous holders
  • coin purchase and staking

List of Crypto LaunchPad Platforms

3 Reasons to invest on a play to earn project

  • if you want to bet on the token and its project (long term rentability)
  • if you want to flip NFTs (short term rentability)
  • if you are a gamer and want to play to earn (short & long term rentability)

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