Unity Project Review & Opinion

I will present in this article my Unity Project Review & Opinion and how it can influence and shape the Future of Online Business for a majority of online content creators.

The Origins of Unity Project

All started from an observation of the content creators’ world: failed payments are recently killing more and more online business.

Recurring problem of Payments cannot be processed.

Not because customers do not have money, but for technical and legal reasons. Recent studies shows that failed 3D secure payment security could between 30% to 50% of the potential transactions. In some other cases it’s because Stripe payment processor rejects the operation. Failed online payments are the doom of online business.

The classical payment model using the customer’s credit card is at risk.

So what is the next payment process that will solve this failing payment scheme ? Today you can sell a training program online, but you never know in advance if tomorrow there will be a new regulation that will reduce your capacity to sell and grow. We shall not forget the latest regulation on cookies and GDPR data protection law that hindered online businesses. Thanks god:

The Web3.0 is at our door with Metaverse and crypto payments.

Digital crypto payments are already available but not really democratized yet. We can expect that we will in a near future not purchase the online training but a token to which is a training attached.

For example an NFT will be issued on the Blockchain that will grant access to a community space, to a forum, to online tools, etc. As a summary the NFT becomes an authentication tool, a property title and an access card to tools, knowledge and resources. As a consequence

Future Customers will either Mint or Buy NFTs

and get access through their piracy protected Metamask. Later on, in case of resell opportunity, NFTs will will be resold to other prospects and the content creator will benefit of royalties on the amount resold (maybe 15%).

In the case of NFT’s the real rarity of the program will be insured as their will be only a limited number of places created, as guaranteed by the NFT collection (for example only 1,000 places sold only). The resell value could either go up, go down or stay stable based on the offer/demand of the market.

Considering today’s situation, this approach will allow to exit from the official regualtion by international standards in terms of processing payment controled by the monopolistic majors (Visa, MasterCard, Amex…) and network (SWIFT…)

Now that you have understood the pain point that online creators feel everyday, let’s dive in the Unity Project Review.

What is Unity Project ?

Initially targeted towards online influencers, this project is actually can address any online content creator, artist, coach, etc. who wants to

NFT Crypto all-in-one crypto platform for content creators

Unityproject is an all-in-one crypto platform that does not require technical knowledge to

  • create your token (making a unique crypto currency)
  • create your NFT
  • create your crypto shop where you can sell your coin or NFT
  • create your online training platform
What is Unity Project Review

Unity Project unique business model

An artist could use this unique business model to sell his creations (lyrics, melodies, statues, painting) and decide to pay in return 10% of his royalties to his 1,000 first followers who bought in the first place NFTs or coins. This could result in creating viral loops where as usual first to enter wins all, and the early adopters are motivated that their artist succeed in his career, making them even more supporting!

First of its kind, the UnityProject project wants to create an utility behind the coin or NFT that future customers will use.

Who is behind the Unity Project ?

  • Tugan Bara: online coach trainer and affiliate expert
  • Yoh Viral: poker player expert
  • Jean Marie Corda: online community expert & former performer on p.hub

These tree creators have a big community of online followers, each with different backgrounds. Tugan has an army of online marketers, copyrighters, that have been trained on his programs such as Revenues Exponentiels

Yoh Viral has not only a huge community on Poker enthusiasts, he also has a large network of influencers and understands best their needs and projects.

JM Corda has also a larger organized and disciplined group of followers who have spread a wide network of cooperation across France and Easter Europe.

We can say the 3 of them combined have an an army ready to support and make a active promotion of the Unity Project.

Unity Project Launch and Future

Follow the project through their social Media Platforms here:

  • Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/NzCzVnEmVB
  • Telegram Channel: https://t.me/UnityProjectOfficial
  • Twitter Channel: https://twitter.com/UnityProjectOff
  • Step One: Awareness, NFT and Presales (currently)
  • Step Two: IDO, Listing and Launch
  • Step Three: Unity App Release and Massive Adoption

Is Unity Project a Scam ?

Do Your Own Research in order to detect & avoid Crypto Scams: is this going to end into a rug pull? But as we did this Unity Project Review: it seems this project has solid foundations:

The creators are known individuals with authority and massive follower groups, although we lack information on the developer’s team.

Being at an early stage, we lack of classical documents on a detailed Road Map as well as the White Paper. But let’s monitor when they will be published.

They have successful track record in their respective domain of competence and their project is not a shit coin meme, but is back on a very useful utility.

As a conclusion of the Unity Project Review: I would keep an eye on this project as the French have recently, although being low profile, shown good project execution (systeme.io, frog.tech, LemList.com…)