What is Vault of Gems

Vault of Gems Review

Vault of Gems is the first NFT project to be pegged to a physical asset allowing you to exchange these NFT to real world gems. They have partnered with 2 NFL players (one of them being Bryce Hall). VOG NFT succeeded in getting some visibility on Yahoo Finance in an article dated September 20th 2021.

To come back on the originality of this project, Vault of Gems is related to real five gems (gold, diamond, emerald, ruby and sapphire), which will surely speak better to women who are usually more literate on gems than men.

We can assume that this daring approach is a bet on the future to attract more women in the world of NFT minting, which is known to be predominantly testosterone oriented.

Why choose Vault of Gems NFT

VOG is going beyond the traditional NFT project so far seen online, and we can expect some enthousiastic Vault Of Gems purchases to flip VOG NFT in a very near future.

To create the hype the team has announced on October 12th, a giveaway of 5 NFTs. The aim is to grow in popularity and create a viral trend with the following instructions:

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Vault of Gems Opinion

VaultofGems is a project to watch closely and to enter if you have money to invest and that the world of gems and jewelry interest you. I would expect that the female/male ratio of participants in this project should be above the average female engagement on any other NFT other project.

I suspect that this project was on purpose aiming to attract more female on the NFT world. Women are known to be excellent customers on the online purchases, and as the NFT/Crypto market will expand we surely will see more projects targeting more precisely this kind of demographics.

Vault of Gems is a ground braking innovation and the rule for rarity and first comer should improve their perceived value on the NFT market.

Here is a NFT checklist to investigate to know if Vault of Gems is a Scam or not (DYOR): Do you know the founders (anonymity).

Is it risky to invest in Vault of Gems?

It probably is, as you always bet on the future but I believe their tremendous amount of money to collect in the short term on these kind of NFT initiatives. Having a program pegged on a tangible asset reduced significantly, in my eyes, the carried NFT risk of this team.

Anyone can make money with a solid strategy.

Learn more on make money with NFT flipping and these 2 strategies to reach a million with NFT within one year. NFT market opportunities are growing by the day and although it is considered as a hipster trend I believe they are sent to last several years.

If you are doubting me, just consider the following initiatives:

  • Sothebys, the world famous auction company, considers NFTS to redefine Digital Ownership and Scarcity of art works
  • Colnago has set its first foot in the NFT market in May 2021 by releasing its first NFTs
  • NFL, NFLPA and Dapper Labs announce new NFT deal to create exclusive digital video highlights
  • The Game Industry is investing in the NFT market to secure and authenticate players to avoid piracy
  • The Music Industry has a way to be revived after its fall from piracy, and composers are getting paid directly for their songs (by passing the traditional music majors)

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