Why Invest in XRP Crypto Currency inspite of XRP Ripple Court Case

Learn secrets to Invest in XRP Crypto

Discover in this article the Ugly Truth behind XRP Ripple Court Case and Who and Why XRP holders filed a lawsuit against SEC Authority. XRP Valuation and why you should Invest in XRP Crypto as it is still one of the most undervalued Digital Asset.

The Ugly Truth behind XRP Ripple Court Case

Let’s say you did your research and invested in an asset that you knew a lot about.

This asset is owned by millions of people and billions of unit training on markets around the world and you play by the rules as you knew them.

But then one day, your investment was wiped-out. This really happened to millions of ordinary people who invested in or built their business with the cryptocurrency XRP. But it wasn’t because of the scam or fraud or Market volatility, it was because of the US Securities and Exchange Commission. 

Reasons to Invest in XRP

The SEC claimed in a lawsuit that the XRP token is an unregistered investment in a company called Ripple that uses the token. Most XRP holders had never heard of Ripple.  So they looked into it. 

People who Invest in XRP Crypto discovered that SEC officials, Jay Clayton & William Hinman, both had ties to major competitor Ethereum. In fact in 2018, while he was still working for the government, Hinman gave a speech that was largely written by lobbyists declaring that a Ethereum cryptocurrency ETH is not a Security. As a result ETH price skyrocketed.

More than 600% since then, and Hinman still sitting in his government office collected 15 million dollars from a law firm than promotes Ethereum. The same factors Hinman used to argue for a free pass for ETH could better be applied to XRP.

And yet when XRP users asked the same arguments at the SEC Regulatory Authority for clarity, they never got a straight answer.

Instead, on his last day of the SEC Jay Clayton filed suit against Ripple, causing the value of XRP to plummet and with it many investors’ hopes.  While XRP holders are in for a long court case to play, Hinman is a senior partner at the billionaire Ethereum investors and help write their speech. Clayton is working for a hedge fund that made a billion-dollar bet on Bitcoin and Ethereum. 

The SEC shouldn’t get to the pick winners and losers, which is why tens of thousands of XRP holders have entered a lawsuit as friends of the court against the SEC. The outcome of this court case will influence the future of regulation for all cryptocurrencies in the United States. If the SEC when what happened to XRP could happen to every crypto coin.

What is XRP crypto worth and why you should invest in XRP Crypto

Based on the lawsuit explained above, you can gamble one way or the other on the outcome of the court trial and bet on a positive or negative impact on the XRP price. That’s point number one to consider.

The US Government is on the brink of war towards crypto currencies in general. As a result, US Department of Justice has increased its scrutiny towards cryptocurrencies as they see a major financial part of the economy escaping its grasp and control. 

But most important, point number two, you should investigate XRP utility and assess whether or not businesses will have an interest in investing and using XRP in the future. Its utility should be the factor number one in estimating its future growth.

Companies and individuals which have Invest in XRP Crypto wan to combine liquidity from multiple ecosystems into one, for cross-chain interoperability on a common smart contracts platform. It’s the United Nations of smart contracts for digital assets that don’t have native smart contracts (XRP/XLM/BTC/LTC, etc.). You could add ETH also.

For realistic timelines on XRP price evolution, we should consider a period of 4 to 8 years. End 2021 XRP price is around $1 and we could expect a $12 to $15 future XRP valuation. If the lawsuit comes to a positive end & XRP get re-listed on Coinbase followed by XRP IPO, we could see a $20 to $30 jump.